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What is a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office, as we offer it in SPACELEND, is also often called Virtual Business Address, Mailbox Company, Letterbox Company, it is an official company address where no infrastructure of the respective company is available at the location.

When registering a business, the location must also be stated (§ 339 (2) GewO). This must be a location that can be precisely determined topographically. A mere Internet address cannot be a sufficient location. Such a location can also be justified for a company that offers office services on a commercial basis, as is the case in SPACELEND. It is also permissible for the trader to be additionally addressable via an Internet address of another company.

For whom is it permitted to register the business location with such a “virtual office”?

For all types of companies and tradespeople, partnerships as well as corporations, subject to the provisions of §339(2)GewO

Is it enough to be reachable by post and telephone via this address?


Is it necessary to have a certain office infrastructure?

No. The existence of a specific office infrastructure is not required. However, we can arrange this for you in SPACELEND, see here.

Does such a “virtual office” have to be provided with a company name?

At the location, §§ 63 – 66 GewO must be observed, i.e. that the company is marked on the postbox with its name and business name. This is our job, we do this in the SPACELEND for everyone, in addition to the address on the mailbox we also offer to mount a company sign.

Is it a violation of trade law if such a “virtual office” is operated and no address appears on it?

According to § 63 (1) the external business name must contain the first and last name of the company. A breach of this provision constitutes a violation of § 368 GewO . The address may, but does not have to be included in the business name.

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